Welcome to Bois Tec – Kindling Wood and Eco Logs
We are an English speaking business offering Kindling wood and Eco log products to firewood companies, who can then sell the product to their retail customers. We are based between Loudeac and Mur de Bretagne.

Our kindling wood is recycled by-products from logs sourced and processed sustainably, this ensures it has minimal impact on the environment.
Each bags contains approximately 1kg of kindling wood.

Our Eco Log products are made from compressed sawdust and recycled paper and card. With burn times lasting approximately 1 hour per log, it give us the opportunity to take a step forward and switch to a more eco-friendly alternative.

Please contact us to see how we can work in partnership with your business, by helping you to expand your product range.

bois tec kindling wood
Kindling wood
bois tec eco logs
Eco logs

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